Condoms to prevent HIV risk in Philadelphia?

Individuals in Philadelphia who had had syphilis or gonorrhoea are more at risk of contracting HIV.

This is according to the Philadelphia Inquirer, which noted teenagers who have had either one or both of them are two-and-a-half or three times more likely to contact the illness.

Because of this news, more people may decide to buy condoms online and try to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

In 2009, contraction rates of syphilis rose by 45 per cent in the city, while 2010 saw levels of gonorrhoea jump by 36 per cent.

For those who want to lower their risk of picking up an STI, using precautions such as condoms is a good option.

To try and encourage more residents in the area to use the prophylactic, a new wrapper is being released that will aim to highlight the fun side of the barrier method.

Earlier this week, it was announced that Kiss member Gene Simmons' tongue was to adorn a specially-made picture condom.