Condoms used to spread endangered species message

Condoms featuring images of endangered species were handed out across the US on New Year's Eve.

The contraceptives were designed by the Center for Biological Diversity as part of a campaign to raise awareness about the planet's depleting resources.

Volunteers handed out the condoms in a bid to spread the message about human overpopulation and the effect it has on wildlife and their habitats.

Six species were featured on the wrappers including the polar bear, American burying beetle, snail darter, cogui guajon rock frog, spotted owl and jaguar.

Alongside pictures of the animals were rhyming slogans such as "wrap with care, save the polar bear".

New Year's Eve was chosen as the date to hand out the 50,000 condoms as it is deemed one of the biggest days of the year for their use.

The Center for Biological Diversity describes its mission as to work towards securing a future for all species through science, law and creative media.