Conor Maynard's fans 'shower him with condoms'

Conor Maynard is unlikely to run out of condoms anytime soon after revealing his fans are fond of throwing the products on stage during shows. 

Speaking to SugarScape, the Can't Say No singer revealed the performance area was covered in prophylactics following one gig in Toronto - adding his fans, who have been dubbed Mayniacs, really live up to their name.

He admitted the condoms came in quite handy, however, joking: "Haha, yeah. I was like 'Thanks guys, I'll be using those later'."

Other incidents of the Mayniacs living up to their billing include a time when a gaggle of fans jumped on to Maynard's train in Paris in order to get their hands on him, while others used a ladder to try and climb through a window on the second floor of a building to access his dressing room. 

The craziest, however, saw a besotted female driver trying to speed alongside him. "I was in my car, she was in her car and she was chasing me," he added.