Contraceptive education vital, government warned

The government has been warned that failure to invest in schemes teaching about the importance of condoms could lead to a rise in teenage pregnancies.

Gill Frances, chair of the Teenage Pregnancy Independent Advisory Group (TPIAG), explained that there needs to be "sustained commitment and investment in contraceptive services".

"The challenge for local areas is to maintain the current downward trend in teenage pregnancy during major reorganisation in the NHS," she added.

According to figures produced by the TPIAG, public spending on contraceptive teaching is cost-effective for the service and has helped to lower the national average of teen pregnancies by 13 per cent.

It was also suggested that prioritising the issue has brought about a change in young people's attitudes regarding talking about sex and seeking advice.

In the TPIAG's recent Final Report, it was stated that it is vital to continue early intervention practices that address poverty and health inequalities in order to prevent a rise in the number of youngsters getting pregnant.