Costa Ricans 'need to start wearing condoms'

People in Costa Rica are not using condoms when they have sex, a newly-released report has discovered.

A study carried out by the health ministry has found up to 70 per cent of Costa Ricans are having unprotected sex, Inside Costa Rica reports.

This means many individuals in the country have to be educated about the need to wear condoms during relations.

"We must increase the use of condoms as a means not only for birth control but also the prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STIs)", said Ana Morice, vice minister of the organisation.

She added sex education has to be improved as the report also discovered people have misconceptions about how STIs are spread.

Some 3,197 individuals took part in the survey, which sampled those aged between 15 and 80 in the nation.

It comes after the Taipei Times noted 32 per cent of males in Taiwan admitted they have not used a condom in the last year when having sex.