Cougar dating sites 'increasing in popularity'

Cougar dating sites are not a phenomenon and they are helping this type of relationship to become more successful thanks to the use of the web.

The practice, which involves confident and attractive older women pursuing younger men, has even been turned into a TV show, called Cougar Town.

A study carried out by the AARP - a non-profit organisation that helps over-50s improve the quality of their lives - found 34 per cent of over-40s are dating chaps in their 20s.

Celebrities such as Demi Moore and Madonna have helped the movement become mainstream.

Sites are now being developed in the UK that look to pair males and females who are interested in this pastime.

This provides a safe and secure way for individuals to meet people with common goals.

Cougars can log on and try to connect with men, while blogs will also keep them up-to-date with all of the latest developments in the dating world.