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It seems that some countries across the world would like those that live there to stop using condoms so much. Any countries are desperate to increase their fertility rates and so are actually encouraging people to get pregnant.

Countries need women to have a fertility rate that equates to just over two children in order to reach optimal 'replacement fertility', which is when there are enough births to make up for deaths. However, it seems that a number of nations are falling short of this and are trying to encourage people to take the parenting plunge.

Here are a few of the countries hoping for more babies:


So few babies are being born in Russia for a number of reasons that, back in 2007, the government announced that September 12th was the official day of Conception. This means people get the day off if they are trying to make a baby. Women who give birth exactly nine months later get given a fridge.


Unfortunately for Singapore, the country has the lowest fertility rate in the world, coming in at around 0.83 children per woman. To counter this, the government spends around $1.6 billion (£1.3 billion) a year to try and encourage people to have more sex, including limiting the number of small one bed apartments that can be rented.


Italy may be famed for being a land of romance, but this doesn't seem to be the case. The fertility rate in the country is well below the average in Europe and the government is trying to change this. It now runs campaigns to remind women that fertility falls as they get older to try and encourage them not to wait to have children.


People in Denmark seem to be pretty relaxed about having children, which is why the fertility rate is only 1.73 children per women. To try and address this, a national travel company has launched a campaign that shows how sad people's mums are about not becoming grandmothers to try and guilt couples into conceiving.

To try and get more couples to conceive in Japan, the country has turned to technology. Scientists have created a robot baby - called Yotaro - to try and help people see themselves as parents and hopefully increase the country's fertility rate.

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