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Joining the Mile High Club (aka having sex on an aeroplane, if you've been living under a rock) is on many people's bucket lists as a sign of their adventurousness and need for excitement.

However, one couple who decided to make their fantasies a reality probably didn't bank on their encounter going viral thanks to a woman with her smartphone video camera capturing (almost) everything.

The woman with the camera was travelling to Mexico with her husband when she spotted the couple getting jiggy in their seats just a few rows behind.

Dutifully, she took a video - and then sent it to her teenage daughter, apparently not worried that she might scar her for life. The daughter can't have been too traumatised, though, because she uploaded it to Twitter.

The video clip shared by Riley Tulley has now gone viral and been viewed by more than 3.25 million people across the globe.

Luckily, the couple's position with the woman straddling the man means their faces are obscured and viewers can only see the back of her head, thereby sparing their blushes any further.

However, representatives of Silver Airways have said they are now viewing the video to check its authenticity, so they might be quite interested in identifying the amorous pair in order to give them a slap on the wrists.

According to previous research from Saucy Dates, 78 per cent of airline passengers would like to join the Mile High Club, but only five per cent have actually dared to.

Richard Branson is one of that minority, having confessed in the past that he did it on a plane when he was 19. However, since he owns his own airline, his encounter might not have been quite as uncomfortable and potentially public as most.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, long-term flight attendant Jenna Leigh said most attempts at sex on a flight fail because the couple act so guilty that they give themselves away - or they try to do it in the middle of the day on a packed journey.

She suggested that for the best chance of success, couples should try a red-eye flight when others are asleep. And they might want to avoid the toilets, as the expert pointed out that they are typically not very clean on aeroplanes thanks to other passengers missing the bowl during turbulence.

Hmm. Suddenly, that Mile High Club doesn't seem half as sexy and appealing...