Couples with purple bedrooms 'have sex the most'

Couples with purple bedrooms could be using more condoms than most, judging by the findings of new research.

This is because the study by retailer revealed lovers with bedclothes, furniture or walls in the shade get intimate an average of 3.49 times every week.

Those with a red colour scheme were found to typically get down and dirty 3.18 times every seven days, while those who favour sky blue decor are likely to knock knees on 3.14 occasions.

At the other end of the scale, it was shown that partners who opt for grey, green, beige or white interiors tend to have less sex than those in more colourful sleeping quarters.

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, homes style expert for, said: "For years I have been telling British homeowners, a beige bedroom makes for a beige sex life."

Llewelyn-Bowen - perhaps best known for his role in TV programme Changing Rooms - added he would not wish such a thing on anyone.