Image credit: Twitter/@SkoreIndia Image credit: Twitter/@SkoreIndia

Two of the best cricketers in the world have became the new faces of a condom brand in India. Chris Gayle and Dwayne Bravo are now helping to promote the condom brand Skore in India, where they are incredibly popular.

The latest Champion Skore range of condoms will feature their faces and signatures, with large boxes of them being displayed at the launch in India last week (Thursday September 1st).

"I’m here looking at myself on a condom box. It’s just amazing. Chris Gayle on a condom box. Unbelievable eh! Jesus! I love it, I’m getting goose bumps. Remember safe sex is important. Fellas, practice it,” Gayle said during the condom launch.

He continued to say that he thinks it's great that celebrity and sports stars can raise awareness of safe sex, especially in India - where attitudes to sex can be quite conservative.

The new Champion range from Skore features several types of condoms, including ultra-thin and multi-textured, offering something for everyone. The range is being advertised with the tagline 'Why be a player when you can be champion'.

“I personally enjoy being the brand ambassador for Skore. It’s associated with fun, joy in life,” said Bravo.

“Life is about having fun. Not too much fun, but (it’s) good to have that balance where it’s important (to) be responsible. Even though you’re having fun, still be smart and score off the field like a champion”.

Safe sex is a hot topic in India, with many people not taking steps to protect themselves against STIs and unwanted pregnancy.

According to data released by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation's health department, more than 30,000 abortions were performed across both public and private hospitals between 2013 and 2014. This is a 10 per cent increase on the previous seven years.

While some of these may be attributed to gender selection, doctors have said that a large amount are due to not using contraception or using it incorrectly.