Croydon safe sex scheme 'educates gay men'

The Croydon Area Gay Society is hosting a scheme intended to promote the use of condoms in safe sex.

It is targeted at black gay men and seeks to pair them off with a mentor in order to discover what has made them choose to have unprotected relations, the Croydon Guardian reports.

Started back in 2006, it looks to make people aware of the responsibility they have for their own actions.

Rory Goring, who runs the Greenwich-based project, said: "Out of 100 clients mentored, only one has gone on to be HIV positive."

For those who are looking to reduce their chances of catching a sexually transmitted infection, then the use of the prophylactic is one option available to them.

It comes after a recent report by Makerere University, published in New Vision, found some 83 per cent of women sureveyed in Uganda are not using condoms when having sex.