Cyrus sex tape is a Fakey Nakey Non-start

We hate to wreck your dreams, but a Miley Cyrus sex tape does not exist.

The singer and twerker has undergone something of a raunchy makeover in recent years, turning from Disney princess to seductive strumpet, but she hasn't committed any of her under-the-cover activities to celluloid just yet.

We Can't Stop rushing over to Google every time news of a celebrity sex tape breaks, but this one is firing blanks and was started when Miley Cyrus was rushed to hospital after a severe reaction to antibiotics.

Wagging tongues (which Miley knows quite a bit about) were saying that the singer and daughter of mulleted country singer Billy Ray was using her time in hospital to cover up the stress of the sex tape leak.

This is not true - more of a case of a Fakey Nakey Non-start than Achy Breaky heart.

Despite the denial, the news has still spread around social media. You need to protect yourself because it is actually a scam, which promises to show Miley and her "boyfriend" getting up to some nocturnal naughties but in fact takes browsers to another website entirely. 

The post claims: "[19+ ViDEO] Miley Cyrus Sex tape Leaks By Her New Boyfrind Yesterday … Miley is very much sad after wathing this." Seems legit, right? The actual site you get directed to looks like like Facebook, but … well, there are a few subtle differences. have issued the advice, urging users to not be fooled by the faux site: "There is no leaked video or tape of Miley Cyrus, the American actress and recording artist. This Facebook post was designed to trick social networking users into sharing it, so it can spread to other Facebook or social networking users.

"It also attempts to trick users into completing surveys, which the cybercriminals behind it will benefit from. So, do not be fooled into completing the surveys or sharing the post."