Dance project to raise HIV awareness

A project run by agency Restless Development is being taken into schools in Bath to help inform young people about national and international HIV and Aids policies and how they will affect future generations, a scheme that may also cover issues such as condoms.

Youngsters at Hayesfield School have been involved in Dance4life as part of a tour set up by the sexual health organisation that will also take in colleges in Scotland and Plymouth, as well as other parts of the UK, the Bath Chronicle reports.

Global citizenship coordinator Anna Carter explained that too often young people are seen as part of the problem, whereas this initiative considers them to be the solution.

"By getting them involved and giving them responsibility, we instil confidence and start developing the skills they already have to change their society and our world to a better place," she said.

The initiative itself was originally founded in the Netherlands in 2003, when Dennis Karpes and Ilco Van der Linde, two international marketers, were struck by the severity of the HIV pandemic.