David Arquette's ex in sex tape shock

Condoms may be something guys may want to stock up on whenever Valentine's Day rolls around, as it seems that is the time of year when couples get frisky.

A sultry sex tape featuring the ex-girlfriend of actor David Arquette - filmed as part of a February 14th treat for a former, unnamed lover - looks set to take the internet by storm.

TMZ reports that the footage of Jasmine Waltz will soon make its way on to the web - and Ms Waltz said she is "absolutely shocked" that the public will get to see what she and an ex-lover got up to in the bedroom.

She told the website: "I'm not even famous, which blows my mind even more - I'm just a girl in Hollywood."

The news comes after former Skid Row drummer Phil Varone expressed his excitement that a sex tape of him with five girls will soon be available for public consumption.