We all know how much fun great sex can be, but did you know it was actually good for your health too?

It's not just the physical benefits you get from getting a sweat on in the bedroom, there's loads of other advantages from having fun under the covers that you've probably never thought of.

Here are just some of the ways sex can help keep you healthy:

Perk up your mood

We don't have to tell you how spending some intimate quality time with a friend or partner can put a smile on your face, but sex really can perk up your mood. Sex is nature's stress reliever and the skin-to-skin contact involved also reduces the likelihood that you'll be depressed.

The intimate connection between two people can be a great way to feel loved and accepted by another person, as well as relieving some of your frustrations.

Keeps everything in working order

For both men and women, having an active sex life is a great way of keeping your private parts in working order. Any significant period of celibacy can lead to vaginal dryness in women and erectile dysfunction in men. This can lead to painful sex for female participants, which isn't fun for anyone involved.

Of course, this doesn't mean if you don't have sex for a week you'll struggle to ever have it again, but it's about keeping everything running smoothly down there. So if you're not getting any intimate love from another person, why not try some self love instead?

Period pains are reduced

Whether you're a woman, are having sex with one, or just want to keep the females around you happy, we could all do with some relief from menstrual cramps. Orgasms cause an increase in blood flow so can actually reduce the pain and discomfort caused by period pains.

Endorphins are also thought to help with pain relief and tension, allowing you to get that smile back on your face.