Image Credit: RaptorVag/Twitter Image Credit: RaptorVag/Twitter

Hundreds of sex toys have appeared hanging from power lines throughout the US city of Portland Oregon. Residents have been left bemused after white and orange dildos have made a sudden appearance throughout the city.

The dildos seem to come in pairs, with one white and one orange variety being tied together with string before seemingly being tossed over the power lines. They have appeared over major commercial streets in Portland with no one knowing exactly why they have been placed in their positions.

Reports of the dildos have been spared on online forums for weeks, but over the last few days, the number of sex toys hanging off power lines has increased. There seem to be mixed reactions to their appearance, with some residents finding them funny and others getting a bit embarrassed.

Photos of the offending sex toys have been shared over social media with the hashtag #KeepPortlandWeird becoming popular as ever as more dildos are spotted by residents.

Lucila Cejas Epple, a Portland resident, told Reuters that she first spotted the offending sex toys while at a street fair at the weekend (Saturday July 11th).

She said: "You could spot them in several intersections and you could see all sorts of reactions to them. Some would blush, others would laugh, and most would take photos."

While many are amused by the situation, others have been concerned about the possible fire hazard they pose. However, a spokesperson for Portland General Electric has reassured residents that the company does not believe the dildos to be a fire hazard.

Whether the hanging of dildos from power lines is a prank or if it is part of an unusual marketing campaign remains to be seen, as does whether more sex toys will appear throughout the city. In the meantime, residents are certainly keeping the world abreast of the situation via Twitter.

What do you think could be behind the mystery dildos?