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Technology has come a long way and it's changed every aspect of modern day life. But one area we often don't expect it to affect is what we get up to in the bedroom.

However, there are reports that our worst fears may have been realised. Technology has infiltrated our bedrooms and our most intimate possessions are turning against us.

According to reports from Newsweek, a number of Reddit users have noticed that a certain sex toy app has been recording audio during their intimate sessions.

The social news-based forum had multiple posts saying that the Lovense Remote, designed by the Lovense Teledildonics Company, had making recordings and storing them in the app.

With many of its users complaining, the firm responded by saying that it was a "minor" bug and that it had been fixed.

"Regarding the sound file in question, it has already been confirmed that this is a minor bug - a temporary file that is created when someone uses the Sound Control feature. Your concern is completely understandable. But rest assured, no information or data is sent to our servers," the Lovense Teledildonics Company said.

For those wondering why you'd want an app to connect your most-private toys to, the company recommends it for people in long-distance relationships or engaging in phone sex.

Users can activate the sex toy from a different location, giving couples that are far away from each other a bit more spice in their lives. It can also be used to Skype or send audio along to other friends via the app.

However, for people who want to be a bit more traditional when it comes to enjoying safe sex. You can keep technology out of your bedroom with a wide range of sex toys that won't connect to your phone, leaving you - and your partner - to enjoy it and each other with absolute privacy.