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A number of dildos and other sex toys have been found washed up on a beach. A dog walker has reported finding several adult toys around Easter after previously finding some on the same beach just before Christmas.

Martin Kelleher found the dildos washed up on the sand in County Clare, Ireland while walking his two dogs. The 41-year-old dad of two was enjoying a stroll on Quilty beach with his two shih tzus on Easter Monday when he found a vibrator that had obviously been in the water.

Unfortunately, he didn't notice it until both of his dogs had bounded over to the toy and started licking it.

Finding the discovery funny, Mr Kelleher said he phoned his wife to tell her of it straight away but she wasn't interested in him bringing it home - which doesn't surprise us!

Mr Kelleher said: "It’s a good thing there were no ladies around or there might have been a fight for it.

"You wouldn’t know where it’s come from. There’re a few fishermen around but I doubt it has come from any of their boats.

"I posted the pictures online and a few people were joking that I’d found the Easter bunny.

"There’s been a spate of them. I found another one on the same beach just before Christmas. That one was a bit more lifelike. I can’t explain it."

One of the toys he found on Easter Monday looked very worn and as though it had been in the water for some time while a bright pink Rampant Rabbit looked fairly new.

The discoveries have prompted people across social media to guess where the sex toys have come from, but their appearance remains a mystery.

Mr Kelleher lives a short distance from the beach, which he often visits with his family, as do other people in the area. If sex toys keep washing up during the warmer months, it could prove slightly awkward for those visiting with children.

However, Mr Kelleher said he will continue to visit the beach to see what else he can find.