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Everyone has certain triggers that help them feel more turned on in the bedroom, with dirty talk being a popular choice. While individuals preferences may change from person to person, a new survey has found some of the most common things that help get couples hot and bothered.

A recent poll conducted by asked around 5,000 people about their sexual preferences and habits. Designed to look at how relationships and mating rituals among people are evolving, the survey found out some interesting things about the phrases that men and women like to hear when getting down and dirty.

One of the most popular things that women like to hear from their male partners, according to the survey, is 'call me daddy'. They also like their partners to tell them how tight they are and how much they are enjoying themselves. The survey didn't highlight any particular phrases men enjoy, suggesting that they might have more varied tastes.

The top five kinky things that couples like to do together were to use sex toys, have anal sex, talk dirty, have sex in different places and BDSM, suggesting that Brits aren't quite as prudish in the bedroom as stereotypes presume.

Other findings from the survey include that just over 24 per cent of people would consider participating in an orgy after a few drinks, while 19.89 per cent would think about it if they deemed the other couples to be 'hot'. Over a quarter of women (27.7 per cent) also stated that they would be open to having a threesome with their male partner and another woman.

On the other end of the scale, the survey also revealed what men and women don't like about their partners. For women, the biggest turn offs were found to be weird noises, small penises, changing positions too much and ejaculating too quickly.

The things that men disliked most about women were more on the physical side, with a too loose vagina, small breasts and small bottom being three of the biggest turn offs. However, it also seems that men don't like it when women make too much noise during sex.

It certainly seems like people have varied tastes!