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A disused space in a shopping centre will be transformed into a 'discreet' sexual health clinic, it has been announced.
Haymarket Shopping Centre in Leicester will be home to the new project, which the council has set aside £1.6 million for. The funds will be spent transferring the premises to make it a convenient and accessible place for shoppers to get advice about their sexual health needs.

The new treatment facility will replace Leicester City Council's current offering, which is based at St Peter’s health centre, in Highfields.

Moving to Haymarket Shopping Centre will allow the council to make long-term savings from running the clinic. At the moment, Leicester City Council rents the space from the NHS for £700,000 a year.

It's hoped the transformation of the disused shopping space will allow for savings if the new clinic is a success.
Putting it in such a hotspot, has caused concern from locals, pointing out that the busy shopping centre doesn't seem to be the most 'discreet' location for a sexual health clinic. However, the council remains hopeful that people will use the new space to access the health and support they need.

Moving the facility to such a busy location could make it more accessible to people who would have struggled to get to the previous spot in Highfields. It could also help to remove the taboo that is still often associated with seeking advice or help from a sexual health clinic.

This can only be a good move, allowing people to enjoy a healthy sex life safe in the knowledge that they have access to advice should they need it.

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