'Do not use' out of date condoms

People need to be careful when it comes to using condoms that have passed their expiration date.

While individuals may be tempted to put on the prophylactic provided that the outer casing is in good condition, they should not.

Speaking to the Chicago Tribune, Dr John Santelli, professor of clinical population and public health at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health, noted storing condoms for prolonged periods in a hot environment is not a good idea.

As well as this, the latex in the product will degrade over time, which will in turn make it more likely to break during use.

This could then lead to an unwanted pregnancy or someone contracting a sexually transmitted infection.

Because of this, individuals may want to take care when choosing whether or not to use the barrier method.

The Food and Drug Administration requires products containing any form of drug to have an expiration date printed on them.