Do you always use a condom?

In a bid to promote sexual health among young people, popular condom manufacturer Trojan has teamed up with MTV to educate people about using protection. However, a survey reveals that this advice is much-needed, as condom use among millennials is not what it should be!

Trojan polled 1,000 people, half men and half women, to find out their attitudes towards using condoms. Unsurprisingly, most people thought condom use was important - an attitude echoed by 81 per cent of the survey. It's good to see so many people appreciating condoms; although that's still one-in-five that don't think they're important!

However, despite all these people admitting that condom use is important, only 35 per cent said they always use them. That equates to 46 per cent of people who believe condoms are important, but not enough to actually put one on!

In a blog post, MTV discouraged this attitude by saying: "Agreeing that condoms are important (without actual use) has never prevented a single sexually-transmitted disease (STD) or pregnancy in the history of STDs and pregnancies. Put your money where your mouth is (no pun intended)!"

So, what is the answer to this awkward problem? Better education might be the way forward. At the moment, not enough people seem to know how vital condom use is in preventing pregnancies and STDs. Trusting your partner is great, but can you trust every person they have ever been with?

MTV is hoping to improve knowledge about sexual health with its new campaign, 'It's Your (Sex) Life'. This will involve a website where young people can go for advice about sex and relationships.

Hopefully, this will help young people to be more careful when it comes to their sex lives. Everyone should use condoms unless they are 100 per cent sure they are not at risk of an STD or pregnancy. By educating people, we can make sure this becomes the case.