Does Charlie Sheen have to wear condoms for sex?

One of Charlie Sheen's 'goddesses' has said she does not have sex without condoms.

Bree Olson, who is one of the two girls Sheen has been living with in recent weeks, has lent her support to a campaign called Get Rubber, which encourages people to always use protection, TMZ reports.

The former porn star appeared in the video less than a month ago and it seems to suggest that she makes Sheen wear condoms when they are having intimate relations.

Olson announced she will not be active in the adult film industry while she is with Sheen.

As well as living with Olson, Sheen also has Natalie Kenly staying with him at the moment.

The outspoken actor was recently fired from his hit series Two and a Half Men due to his increasingly erratic behaviour.

Married three times and a father to five children, Sheen is already well known for his relationships with adult actresses.