Durex Her Sensation condom 'could be the perfect female choice'

Ladies lamenting over the lack of femidoms on the market might like to consider investing in the Durex Her Sensation condom which, as one publication put it, is "dedicated to pleasuring you and only you".

In a rundown of the best, most erotic prophylactics currently stocking up shop shelves, independent online magazine the quad noted that this particular product comes equipped with ribs at the bottom of the shaft for a bit of added reach and extra stimulation.

However, there are other ways to tickle your fancy and flavoured condoms could well be the way to pique anyone's interests.

"[These] can introduce a fun way to get a silly sucking on," the news source observed, adding that glow in the dark condoms could also be a great way of having fun and staying safe.

Perhaps the athletes at the Commonwealth Games in India have been making use of some of these options - apparently the competitors have been enjoying themselves so much during the tournament that thousands of the contraceptives have blocked pipes and toilets.