Durex 'is a popular student brand'

Durex condoms are highly popular among students, new research has found.

A new Youth 100 survey from The Beans Group included Durex in a list of the favourite brands among young people aged between 18 and 24, the Daily Telegraph reports.

The findings indicate this type of condom is the prophylactic of choice among youngsters in the UK and suggest many undergraduates and postgraduates are practicing safe sex to protect against sexually-transmitted disease and unwanted pregnancy.

YouTube claimed top spot in the survey, followed by Wikipedia and Cadburys in second and third place respectively.

Luke Mitchell of The Beans Group noted the website has enjoyed success because of its ability to morph video into a conversation between producers and their audience.

Mr Mitchell stated: "They've provided a platform where the humble video has been transformed as part of the online revolution that resonates with young people."

Other high entrants included Google, the BBC, Skype and Doritos.