Durex launches Love-Box

Buying condoms can be a bit embarrassing for teenage boys who've never asked for them over the counter before - but now Durex may have the answer in the form of the Love-Box.

This is fashionable, smart packaging - first rolled out in Denmark back in 2005 - and is designed to reduce the awkwardness that many can feel when splashing the cash on prophylactics.

There are a number of choices available on shop shelves, such as Feeling - a feminine tin with "vivid colours, beautiful curves, metallic highlights, lace, black leather, studs, patchwork, a peacock and flowers".

It contains Fetherlite condoms that are some of the thinnest the company produces, shaped so as to be easy to put on with a "sleeker" feel and fit.

Or Pleasure could be the perfect choice for men, as it features squares, stripes, bold colouring and graffiti.

"The condoms have pleasure-enhancing ribs and raised dots," it was observed.