Durex offers help to Championing SARA

Condom manufacturer Durex has offered a helping hand to Championing SARA, an organisation dedicated to promoting awareness of sexual and reproductive health, set up in response to the Pakistan floods.

Established by activist Nabila Nasir, the organisation is currently working to provide male and female hygiene kits, clean delivery packages, sanitary pads, soap, toothpaste, hand towels and toothbrushes, the Star reports.

To further this end, Durex has provided 20,000 condoms, with Cranberry Malaysia offering 10,000 medical latex gloves.

Discussing her work, Ms Nasir remarked: "Any time there is a disruption in the social fabric (such as during a natural disaster), sexual violence increases," adding that women may be forced to sell themselves to pay for food and supplies, which suggests the condom donation may be of particular use.

Such assistance could prove invaluable, especially in Pakistan, where the recent flooding was estimated to have affected at least 14 million people, with villages in the country submerged.