Durex reveals pleasure gap between sexes

Condom manufacturer Durex has revealed that there exists a pleasure gap between the sexes, with 25 per cent of adults admitting they and their partners do not enjoy time between the sheets equally.

Conducted by Harris Interactive, the study found that 17 per cent of respondents say their other half has more fun than they do when it comes to sexy time.

And it would appear that the gender gap is evident in other areas as well - 55 per cent of men believe they and their partner have an equally enjoyable time in the bedroom, compared with 44 per cent of women.

Dr Laura Berman, an expert in female sexual health, noted that there are a number of products that can enhance sexual experiences for all parties.

"You don't always have to get a prescription to improve your sex life," she said.

Perhaps the Durex Her Sensation contraceptive could help, as recently applauded by online magazine the quad for its ribbed shaft.