Elderly South Koreans 'risking sexual health'

Elderly citizens in South Korea are putting their sexual health at risk by failing to use condoms, according to new research.

The Korea Times reports how findings published in the latest issue of Journal of Infection and Chemotherapy reveal how 26.2 per cent of men and women aged over 60 do not use contraceptives.

Professor Lee Seung-joo and Professor Choi Hyun-seob of the Urology Department at St Vincent’s Hospital interviewed 1,804 senior citizens and found 28.2 per cent use condoms occasionally.

According to Professor Choi, rising life expectancy and improving health conditions has led to an increase in the number of older people maintaining an active sex life.

However, he stated: "The government should make greater efforts to increase the awareness about the risks of unprotected sex and properly treat senior citizens infected with STDs."

Time magazine recently reported that despite relaxing laws on HIV testing for foreign workers, teachers entering South Korea are still required to undergo mandatory screening.