Emma Watson suffers condom confusion

Glamorous Harry Potter star Emma Watson is as innocent and demure as she looks, it would seem, after coming a bit unstuck while studying in the US with regards to condom terminology.

Speaking to David Letterman, Emma - or Hermione, as she is perhaps better known - raised a few of her own blushes by loudly asking her classmates if any of them had a rubber, the word Americans use to describe Durex products or similar.

"My version of a rubber is an eraser," she explained. "I've very loudly asked for a rubber and people have given me strange looks. That was embarrassing."

Other slang terms for condoms that Emma may like to brush up on include battle helmets, English overcoats, dingers and love gloves, just so she doesn't get caught out again.

The actress went on to discuss her new pixie-ish haircut, saying opting for the chop is what a lot of women do when their relationship dissolves.

"I was going through the Harry Potter break-up and it was time for a new look," she was quoted by Splash News as saying.