Tired parents Image: Istock/MaxRiesgo

Enrique Iglesias may have unwittingly cheesed off parents everywhere after going on television and insisting that his sex life with partner Anna Kournikova is better than ever since they had twins a year ago.

Most mums and dads of one-year-olds tend to collapse into bed bleary-eyed and ready for nothing but shut-eye once bedtime arrives - but not this singer and former tennis player.

In fact, Enrique said on Lorraine this week, their intimate relationship is stronger than it was before.

"The sex is better than ever - that's what I do for breakfast," he commented, prompting his interviewer to dissolve into fits of laughter (although she secretly probably wanted to claw his eyes out just a little bit if she were a mother too).

We have a sneaking suspicion that the 43-year-old's comments may have been in jest after the interview got a little too prying for his liking, but there are bound to be new parents up and down the country now comparing themselves against Enrique and Anna and wondering where they're going wrong.

This is especially the case since the couple have been together since meeting on the set of a video way back in 2001 - it's not like they're still in the honeymoon period. Quite frankly, we had forgotten all about them and had no idea they were still romantically linked.

However, it's worth pointing out that celebrity couples often have hired help for their little ones, so they may not be feeling quite the same levels of exhaustion as your typical parents.

Having said that, while it's totally normal to feel like less sex following the birth of a child, it might be worth taking a leaf out of Enrique and Anna's book in order to keep alive the spark that led to children in the first place.

Just because you're parents now doesn't mean you are no longer a couple that wants to get together once in a while too.

If you've been missing the intimacy lately, maybe you could carve out some time to get close again when it's just the two of you, even if this starts with kissing and cuddling as opposed to penetrative sex at first.

Organise a babysitter and head out to a hotel, where you can be a couple without a little person sidling up to the bed or suddenly shouting from their cot while you're mid-clinch.

And remember to talk about something other than your child when you're out on a date or even at home once they're in bed. It will remind you that you have shared interests that don't involve the little darling's bowel movements or tantrums, which will in turn build intimacy again.

Who knows - maybe you'll soon be bragging like Enrique about how good post-baby sex is.