Ethiopians are buying record amounts of condoms

More people are buying condoms in Ethiopia than ever before.

According to a news item in Ezega, DKT Ethiopia - a major condom distributor in the country - registered its highest sales figures ever in 2010 of 85 million.

This demonstrates there is an increase in the number of people looking to protect themselves from the threat of sexually transmitted infections or unwanted pregnancies.

"The last three years registered highly progressive achievements and this shows the change of attitude by our society towards condom use," said Ato Fasil Gutema, national sales coordinator of the organisation.

In previous years, purchasing the prophylactic could be seen as a shameful decision in the country, but the stigma around it has now reduced.

It added 1.1 million people have HIV in Ethiopia, which highlights the need to use condoms.

Cheap condoms are to be made available in Ghana as part of a movement by the Ghana Aids Commission, Adom News reported.