Extra large condoms used in modern art piece?

Even if you don't intend to practice safe sex, investing in some extra large condoms - or even a few Durex extra safe contraceptives - could still be a great idea.

Just look at Chatham-based artist Christopher Sacre, for example. This profoundly deaf master of the arts has produced a piece of modern artwork using 2,000 condoms, Kent Online reports.

Apparently, he poured 750 kg of liquid plaster into the products and set up an installation for the Nucleus Arts Centre on the high street.

"I think they expected something like landscape paintings or statues, but this is rather different," Mr Sacre observed, discussing his decision to use the contraceptives.

Anyone up for checking out his creations will be able to view the exhibition until October 21st.

This follows an Inventorspot.com report revealing that Japanese manufacturer Okamoto has released new condom the Mega Big Boy, at 1.8 inches in diameter. Perhaps Mr Sacre made use of these.