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Thousands of fake, branded condoms have been seized in West Yorkshire as part of a huge crackdown on illicit medicines. The condoms were seized by the UK's Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) from a house in Castleford.

Around 22,000 fake condoms were seized, as well as 7,000 syphilis test strips. Neither the strips or condoms comply with UK standards and could impact your health, as well as not offer the correct level of protection against STIs and pregnancy.

The raid in West Yorkshire was part of Operation Panda, an Interpol coordinated annual week that sees online sales of illicit and counterfeit medical supplies get tracked. Teams across the world then take action against the sellers and seize any potentially dangerous materials.

Operation Panda in the UK has seen around 103,000 unapproved medical devices and four million unlicensed medicines seized.

These counterfeit items were being sold or being prepared for sale online, showing the importance of purchasing condoms and medical items from trusted sellers, rather than auction sites or temporary websites.

An MHRA spokesperson said: "Products such as these may not offer the correct level of protection you expect and could put your health at risk.

"Those involved in the illegal supply of medical products aren't interested in your health- they are only interested in your money."

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