Lego Star Wars toy character: Luke Skywalker.
Image credit iStock/jpa1999

If there's one film franchise that rules over all others when it comes to merchandise, it's Star Wars. From plastic figurines to toothbrushes, you can guarantee there isn't much without with Luke, Leia or Han plastered all over it. This is especially the case this year, with another instalment in the space story fresh on the silver screen.

But we bet you didn't think there were Star Wars sex toys - right? Well, you assumed wrong. Of course there are! After all, the lightsaber is just the right shape for ... you don't need us to spell it out, do you?

Some enterprising soul at Australian company Geeky Sex Toys clearly decided there was a dildo-shaped gap in the market for themed vibrators and other bedroom accessories, because it has launched a range of 12 different items to coincide with the launch of Star Wars: The Last Jedi in cinemas.

Not only can you get your hands on a lightsaber vibrator, but you can also shop for sex toys shaped like Stormtroopers, Yoda and Darth Vader. We bet George Lucas didn't anticipate this when he conjured up a tale of a young farm boy out in a far-flung galaxy (plus we're not certain they're Disney-approved).

Oh, and we can't leave without mentioning the C-3PO-themed butt plugs, either. We kid you not - although how a pernickety communications robot would turn a person on is anyone's guess.

We reckon this range will go down a storm with anyone who has enjoyed the films (and dreamt of wielding a Jedi weapon in any kind of Star Wars-fuelled bedroom fantasy).

Of course, the whole range comes with a pretty high price tag, but this is pop culture at its finest - and most of the toys light up and everything! - and we anticipate plenty of couples and solo sci-fi fans will be investing in at least something from the collection over the festive season.

One quick point, though: you might want to see the new film before you try out the toys, or you probably won't be able to look Master Skywalker straight in the face.

And if you don't fancy bringing your love of Star Wars together with your enthusiasm for sex toys, don't worry - you can get hold of a slightly more down to earth range of fun vibrators and more here.