Image credit: Lucy Sparrow Image credit: Lucy Sparrow

A British artist is filling a London adults-only shop with a variety of sex toy and sexual objects, all of which are made of felt. Lucy Sparrow has created an art installation titled Madame Roxy's Erotic Emporium that features dildos, condoms, porn magazines and bondage gear created out of fabric.

Opening yesterday (October 4th) and running to October 17th, the 'shop' in London's Soho district includes more than 5,000 sex-related items. All of the pieces featured in the installation have been stitched by hand, with some including added elements - such as smiley faces on the ends of vibrators.

From lubricant packaging to penis enlargers and porno DVDs, each item has been designed, cut and pieced together by hand. Paint, sequins and glitter glue have been used to add on the fine detailing, including brand logos, such as Durex and Pasante.

The installation has been created as a comment on the transformation of Soho from an area with many seedy institutions to a sterilised hub of commercial chains. It is also a response to the recent censorship pornography in the UK, which sees a prohibition on porn showing female ejaculation, spanking and face-sitting.

Ms Sparrows idea behind the installation was to see whether pornography created out of felt that features these now banned practices breaks Britain's new laws. It is a journey away from her previous installation that was shown in London last year, which was a family-friendly Cornershop.

However, the materials that she has used match those in her previous installation, which also showcased items created out of hand-stitched felt.

The new installation took her six months to create, with Ms Sparrow sewing each piece herself.

"The show gives the opportunity for those who know little of the sex retail industry to satisfy their curiosity without the need for floor-length trench coats and dark glasses," she said.

She also explained that the project is a comment on how attitudes towards adult entertainment and sex workers are becoming increasingly prudish.

The installation is open daily at 2 Green's Court from 12pm to 8pm, with admittance being strictly over-18s only.