Female condom use 'needs to be encouraged in Zimbabwe'

The use of the female condom in Zimbabwe is being slowed down by culture, it has been claimed.

Mary Sandasi, the Women and Aids Support Network director in the country, said that it is instilled in woman from a young age that they should not feel empowered over their male counterparts, the Standard reports.

"When a girl child is growing up she is taught to be submissive to her husband and boys grow up knowing they are more superior than girls," she added.

Because of this, the number of ladies buying condoms online is likely to be low.

Ms Sandasi wants to see better marketing and promotion of the product to try and encourage more females to use the prophylactic.

She added in the current situation, many women may not have the confidence to ask for it.

It comes after 100,000 condoms were shipped to people in Turkana, Kenya, to help with the current shortage, Capital News revealed.