Female condom use promoted in Mozambique

The use of female condoms as an effective contraceptive method is being promoted by a group in Mozambique.

Members of the Kutenga youth association in the town of Matola are hoping to encourage more women in the region to embrace the products, as they believe this form of contraception provides females with greater independence, DW.de reports.

Felix Magul of the Ketunga youth association said: "We're giving power to women who were previously only supposed to use the male condom."

Mr Magul described female condoms as cool and fashionable products that not only protect against unwanted pregnancy, but also act as a way of helping to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections.

To help get the message across , the group speaks to women about the contraceptives and hands them out to their audience so that they can try them out at home.  

Mr Magul said he is optimistic about future use of female condoms in the area and believes it can balance the power relationship that currently exists between men and women.