Female condoms 'not widely available in the Americas'

Female condoms are still not widely available in the Americas even though HIV/Aids is spreading rapidly through the female population of this region.

That is according to research by the International Universal Access to Female Condoms, which has found that many people living in countries across this area are not benefitting from the safe sex option the prophylactic offers, Inside Costa Rica reports.

For instance, in Mexico - a nation that is currently battling against rising numbers of HIV/Aids cases among women - the government has only just began a small-scale operation to distribute female condoms.

Meanwhile, the prophylactic was not offered as a choice in Argentina last year, despite the fact 39 million contraceptives of various types were issued throughout 2010.

Recently, research by professionals at the University of Michigan established that young men with high levels of testosterone are more likely to use condoms than their peers with lower counts of the hormone.