Female condoms 'should be used in Australia'

The female condom should be used in Australia with more regularity in order to reduce rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

This is according to Dr Alan Baldam, who is a GP in Warrnambool, Victoria.

He told the Standard that this form of contraception is safer than other methods, such as diaphragms and normal condoms.

"It has a high following in the UK and America but Australians often consider it strange and tend to dismiss it," Dr Baldam observed.

The specialist observed those who are not in a long-term relationship have to take measures to maintain their sexual health.

He continued by saying that too many people are willing to "take a risk" and have sex with someone before knowing whether they have an STI.

It comes after the Local reported that those between 15 and 29 years of age in Sweden are not always wearing condoms when they have intercourse, with only one-in-four doing so last time out.