Female sex workers in Armenia 'have problems with condoms'

Errors in condom usage are an issue for female sex workers in Armenia, a new study has found.

The report, entitled Predictors of Condom Errors Among Sex Workers in Armenia, has been published by the International Journal of STD & Aids.

Some 78 per cent of those questioned admitted they had problems with the prophylactic at some stage.

"Condom-use errors are prevalent in this population, thus attenuating the intended protective effects of condoms," it added.

Going forward, the study noted that action should be taken to ensure that this issue is dealt with, so that female sex workers in the country do not contract sexually transmitted infections.

Kumar Sangakkara, a Sri Lankan cricketer and Think Wise champion, noted people have to be supplied with the right information to ensure that HIV infection rates decrease.

He added it is important that individuals are in a position to make informed decisions about their health.