Women should insist on the use of condoms as they are at a greater risk of heterosexual transmission of HIV.

According to the Southern Times, females are twice as likely to become infected from having unprotected relations, which shows the importance of encouraging a partner to wear the prophylactic device when having sex.

"The sad reality is that the Aids epidemic has had a unique impact on women, which has been exacerbated by their role within society and their biological vulnerability to HIV," the news provider observed.

As well as this, there are many other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) that females need to be wary off, such as gonorrhoea and syphilis.

One option that is open to ladies is the use of a female condom.

By choosing this type of protection, they can be sure that measures are being taken to reduce the chance of spreading STIs, while it can also give them an element of control.