Fiji partygoers advised to wear condoms

Revellers in Fiji are being urged to wear condoms should they indulge in sexual activity promoted by the party atmosphere of an annual celebration.

The Hibiscus Event Group is advising people to make use of the contraception and sexual health news available at the Hibiscus Festival, which is a week-long event in the country, the Fiji Times reports.

Aqela Cakobau, executive secretary at the organisation, said: "We cannot really control people because their hormones might be really high and they want to indulge in such activities."

She explained a number of non-governmental bodies will be on hand to give out condoms during the festival - which includes talent contests and body building competitions, among other games - while attendees can also make use of sex counselling.

People should pay close attention to the help being given at the gathering, as it can play a big part in reducing unwanted pregnancies and the spread of sexually transmitted infections.