Film may persuade young people to buy condoms

More young people may be persuaded to buy condoms following the release of a new video by the NHS to promote safe sex.

The interactive clip, Condom, No Condom, was created in a bid to encourage individuals to use contraception.

A range of scenarios are featured in the film and at the start young males are given the choice to buy condoms from a shop on their way to a party.

Each option leads to another short movie showing the consequences of their decisions.

One motion picture reveals what happens to the lad who bought condoms, while the other features the male who did not purchase the form of contraception and so gets rejected by the girl he is pursuing.

And a final clip is of a boy who has just been told he has a sexually transmitted infection because he had sex without taking precautions.

However, Norman Wells, director of the Family and Education Trust, has slammed the videos and suggested they send out a message that casual sex "leaves no regrets".

It was recently announced young people in Nottingham now have the opportunity to attend a free sexual health check up, which is being offered by the Terrence Higgins Trust.