Finnish people 'not wearing condoms during sex'

Individuals in Finland may not be buying condoms with enough regularity.

This is because according to research carried out by sex education organisation RFSU - which has been in existence since 1933 - and reported by YLE, condom usage has fallen by ten percentage points over the last two years.

As well as this, it also discovered one-third of individuals in the country do not use any form of contraception when having intercourse.

"Less than half of those polled used condoms to protect themselves against infection, when the corresponding figure from two years ago was 58 percent," the news provider added.

For those who do not want to catch a sexually transmitted infection, the purchasing of protection could be a useful way of doing so.

The report also discovered those over 50 have the most complacent attitude towards contraception, as 60 per cent of respondents in this age bracket did not use anything during sex.