Image credit: Lovense Image credit: Lovense

Users of the Apple watch may be excited to learn that a new sex toy has been created that you can use alongside the technology. The new vibrator - called Blush - is designed for female use and can be controlled by your phone or watch and can even be operated by couples living miles apart.

The Lovense sex toy is designed to work purely by remote control, including iPhones, Android handsets and Apple watches. It can connect to Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth (up to 30ft) and so is able to be used across distances, as well as in public.

You are able to download different vibration patterns to change up your pleasure and to find the right fit for you. Blush can even sync with songs so the vibration patterns match the tempo.

It is great for use in public, if you're so inclined, as the app that connects your watch or smartphone to the toy uses your device's microphone to assess the noise volume of your environment. This allows it to adjust the noise of the sex toy accordingly and save you from any embarrassing buzzing sounds during use.

The toy is designed to be inserted easily before use, allowing you to turn it on and off when it suits you without you having to remove it or use your hands to achieve climax. When in use, the device creates strong vibrations while being almost silent.

It also has a good battery life, offering one and a half to two hours of continuous use, making it ideal if you want a toy with plenty of stamina. For added security, any messages or photos that are uploaded via the Blush app are encrypted, ensuring that they are only for yours and your partner's eyes.

Blush is set to launch in December, but a special deal saw a limited number of the toys hit the market early. However, it sold out in a matter of days following the launch.