Image Credit: PinkBox Image Credit: PinkBox

The first full-sized sex toy vending machine is now available for public use. The vending machine offers an easy way for customers to get their hands on vibrators, dildos, condoms and more.

While the machine is only available in Philadelphia, versions of it could pop up all over the place if it starts to take off.

The vending machine is run by the company PinkBox and offers items ranging from $4 (£2.60) to $99, allowing people to pay with cash or by card. This means it offers customers the chance to pick up any item they might need without having to head to a sex shop.

It was debuted last month (May 28th) at Underground Arts on 12th and Callowhill streets as part of the Philadelphia Burlesque Festival. The machine is now being prepared to be moved to another location, which is likely to be a bar or club.

According to Dean Kitagawa, co-owner of PinkBox, the vending machine is just as easy to set up as a jukebox, as you can just plug it in and go. This could make it a popular choice for venues.

Mr Kitagawa told "We want to take the taboo feeling out of purchasing things that could be marriage- or couple-enhancers. We want it to become more and more mainstream, and now is the time."

Some of the proceeds from the sales go towards a number of marriage-equality organisations, including PinkBox hopes that by joining up with these organisations, it will be able to show that the products on offer can be used by all sorts of couples.

So far, there seems to be a very positive reaction to the vending machine, although the company admits that sex toys being so out in the open may not be for everyone. However, it could serve to introduce people that haven't tried toys in the bedroom before the ideal opportunity to start experimenting.