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Australia's RMIT University has run a course on how to design sex toys, reports The Sydney Morning Herald. The world's first university course on sex toy design looked at how to apply industrial design principles to vibrators and dildos.

Sex toys have become hugely popular over the past decade and it is estimated that around one million are bought each year in Australia alone. While the market is set to continue growing as people become more open about using personal, intimate devices, there are not a huge number of high-value options on the market.

Dr Judith Glover, lecturer at RMIT, ran the course that she hopes could provide at least part of the solution to the lack of intricate design principles in the sex toy market.

"I get a bit frustrated because you go to the Milan Furniture Fair and there's another thousand chairs, but there's no product for male erectile dysfunction, which is a massive relationship killer," she told the news provider.

With many of the sex toys on the market recycling the same design, Dr Glover wants to make a change that sees new styles become available that could provide better results for users.

She continued to say: "My idea was to bring proper industrial design principles to the sex industry, and challenge the large players who were recycling the same tired old products and ideas."

Dr Glover has, what she believes to be, the first PhD in sex toy design. Within her doctorate, she looked at how industrial design methods could be used to create safe, user-friendly intimate products.

The course, entitled The Future Sex design studio, was undertaken by 14 undergraduates over a 12-week period last year. Students created their own designs aimed at tackling a number of different sexual functions. The course was designed by Dr Glover and student Victoria Cullen.