Flavours, endurance and finish 'important in condom decisions'

Flavours, endurance and finish all need to be considered in order to get Indians to buy condoms.

This is according to Gursimran Khamba, writing in the Hindustan Times, who noted these are the areas that need to be looked at if people are going to be attracted to the prophylactic.

In terms of the flavours on offer, he would like to see more regionalised options that reflect India, such as Paneer Makhni and Murg Achari.

"Condoms with numbing agents to help men last longer need to be banned in India," Mr Khamba added.

He would also like to see condoms introduced that appeal to young people in the right manner.

One of the main benefits of using the barrier device, especially for those who are not in a committed relationship, is that it can help to reduce the spread of sexually transmitted infections.

It comes after recent research by the University of Gothenburg found not enough teenagers in the Sweden are using protection.