Former Playboy model: Mix it up in the bedroom

A former Playboy model has advised couples to mix it up when getting naughty between the sheets.

Writing on her official blog, Kendra Wilkinson recommended people should be spontaneous in the bedroom and willing to try out new things.

Those looking to spice up their sex life might therefore choose products such as novelty condoms and sex lube to keep their after-dark antics fresh and exciting.

Blonde bombshell Wilkinson suggested: "Dressing up in something sexy as a surprise [or] leaving a sexy note/sexting leading up to the evening."

She explained busy work schedules should not put an end to a couple's intimate relations, revealing she and her husband Hank Baskett ensure they get their fill by putting sex dates in her diary.

Wilkinson said that although planning beforehand may not be the sexiest way to go about securing some time alone together, it can be an effective means of ensuring individuals are able to juggle both their public and private lives.